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    Nov. 2004
  • 11-6-2003: Lost my server at

    Now that this is my main site, I have once again started adding new signature names. As of my last update (Oct.2003), I have added about 25 new siggies, so check out the index page at: Indexed Names.
    Oct. 2003
  • 10-10-2003: Due to bandwidth stealing, I had to changed a few pages. Animated Signatures are now only listed on my index page. Just click on the name link and copy signature.

  • New animated signatures: Belinda, Brenda, Cathleen, Dawn, Irene, Jan, Kerstin, Kristi, Lynn, Marsha, Pam, Rita, Sara, Siggi, Stacy, and Yuna.
    July 2003
  • 07-02-2003: The new sigs are slow in coming, but at least some are being added. New sigs: Kelly, and Sweeta.

    June 2003
  • 06-22-2003: After 9 mounths of no updates, I finally added a few new sigs: Caryanne, Emma, Kerry, Rebecca, Robert, Rose, Stephy, Susen, Susen 2, and Tommy so be sure to check them out.

    Sept. 2002
  • 09-16-2002: Here is the promised Animated Signature tutorial. If this is your first try at making an animated signature, please read and follow the Intro page before tyring the Simple Signature tutorial.

  • 09-14-02: After taking a some time off, I finally worked on the site. Besides removing some un-wanted sigs (those dups for different color backgrounds), I also removed the "No Right Click" script from all the sig pages as well as all the zipped sig files. You can now do a "Right Click" to copy any sig. I also removed most of the text below each sig (except for copyright info), which now gives the pages a cleaner look.

  • I also had time to upload some sigs that I had completed a few months ago. Unfortunately I forgot to make a list of which ones they were before uploading, so be sure to check out the pages or visit the new Indexed page.

  • I hope to start working on new sigs soon, but will not be taking any requests. This time around I plan to add names I like. Also look for new sig designs and 1 sig tutorial - coming soon.

    July 2002
  • 07-06-02: Added names: Troy, Tyler (You did not fill in your correct email address with your request so I hope that you find these two requested signatures in my "T" pages.)

  • 07-04-02: Added names: Amy, Amy 2, Angeleyes (for blue bg), Anne, Bernie, Bette, Claire 2, Cocoapuffs, Cynthia, Dandona, Denise, Dustin, Ellen 2, Emerald, Emmie, Gina 2, GlenKat, Jasmine 2, Janis (on blk), Janis (on red), Kiki, Kula, Kula 2, Lauren, Leo, Lisha 2, Lisha 3, Lori, Marcia, Nancy 2, Nancy 3, Nanna, Nikita, Noah, Pedro 2, Sam, Sean13, Stuart 2, Suparna, Susan, Tere 2, Teri, Virnessa, Virnessa (on blu).

    June 2002
  • 06-15-02: New page dealing with Anti-aliasing, Transparency, Halos, and Drop Shadows in graphic files has been added. See page at: Here

    Added names: Angeleyes, Carol, DeAvila, Diane, Dorrie, Helen, Janice, Jules, Julie, Karen, Krissaean, Lisha, Misty, Matthew, Nadine, Nikki, Rhonda, Sabina, Savvy, Stephen, Stuart, Syble.

    May 2002
  • 05-31-02: Added names - Allene, Andrea 2, Andrea 3, Angel 3, Angel 4, Chuck, Dan, DFreespirit, Diana, Edith, Jan, Jane, Jane 2, Jasmine, Kademe, Kademe 2, Kim 2, Kristina, Lara, Leslie, Lyndsay, Marjorie, Melanie, Murielle, Murielle 2, Nana, Patty, Patty 2, Prissy, Rhea, Sharif, Shirley, Sunny, Sunny Spice, Sunshine, Swift&Joyce, Trina 2, Ursula, Vera 2, William, Willie, Xena, Yoko

  • 05-23-02: Added names - Ainsley, Brandie 1 & 2, Cashman, Carolee, Destiny, Joy 3 & 4, Kathy, Lakasha, Melva, Paxton, Sandy, Shirl 1 & 2, Sunhine.

  • 05-17-02: Added names - Jennifer, JuhRee, Laura, Lorena, Pedro, Renie, Savastian, Tauia, Zoe

  • 05-12-02: Added name - Allie 2, Amanda, Anna, Brenda, Cherrie, Corey, Jim, Kelsey, Manay, Melany, Natalie, Pauline, Shanna, Tere, Trina, Wyatt, Zachary

  • 05-01-02: New Tutorial page added. Hotmail Signature.
    April 2002
  • 04-28-02: Added names - Claire 1 & 2, Elise 2, Halo 1 & 2, Joy, Katia 1 & 2, Lee

  • 04-27-02: Added names - Angel, Beth, Charles, Elgeniab, Evelyn, Gitanjali 2, Heather, Kathleen, Mary, Mary W, Pat, Shankar

  • 04-23-02: Added names - Carolyn, Gitanjali, Holly, Judy, Olivia, Queenie, Sherry

  • 04-19-02: Added names - Cristine, Ellen, Foxy, Gina, Levi, Marit, Sue, Tina

  • 04-17-02: Added name - Billi

  • 04-15-02: Added names - Angel, Chrissie, Crissy Baby, Debbie, Katherine, Kim, Lorna, Margaret

  • 04-13-02: Added name - Allie

  • 04-10-02: Welcome to my new Animated Signatures web site provided by

  • Stop by my new Animated Signature site.
    March 2002
  • A page with 6 Blade Pro Presets that had been exclusively displayed on another site (now shut down) has been added to this site.

    The environment and textures on that page are new.

  • A new sets page with four Sets (#'s: 41, 42, 43, & 44) that had been exclusively displayed on another site (now shut down) has been added to this site.

  • A page with 10 Borders that had been exclusively displayed on another site (now shut down) has been added to this site.

  • A page with 16 Tiles that had been exclusively displayed on another site (now shut down) has been added to this site.
    February 2002
  • Finally used my new Super Blade Pro plugin to make new presets. See the new page "Super Blade Pro" (presets page 4). Page includes 6 new presets, 6 new textures, and 6 new environments.

    January 2002
  • Well here we are in a new year. I haven't added lots of new graphic sets in the last 6 months because I have been looking to find a new style to my graphics and haven't been very happy with anything created until this new space set. Check it out: Set40 - Includes sound rollovers. Hope you like it.

  • Added new IE 5.5 Color Scroll Bars Styles page along with a sample image of each property.
    December 2001
  • New Christmas set added - Includes sound rollovers and Christmas midi file.

  • Added new Tabled set with Rollover Menu: Set39
    November 2001
  • New Thanksgiving set added - Includes midi sound file.

  • Three new sections to my HTML Tutorials has been added. See: Getting Started Sections a, b, and c.
    October 2001
  • Check out my new Blade Pro Presets Page 3. Includes 6 new bump maps and 6 new environments.

  • New Halloween set added complete with sound effects.
    September 2001
  • Background and Color Properties has been added to the CSS tutorials, along with 4 sample pages.

  • Added two new tubes: Sport Balls 1 & 2.

  • Added new page to the Html tutorial - Sections added include the Body tag and Body attributes. Included 2 sample pages. The Color section, and Font section.

  • Also added new terms to the Glossary page.

  • Added a new Blade Pro Presets Page 2. Includes 6 new presets, 6 new textures, and 6 new environments.
    August 2001
  • Started my second year on the web with a re-design for my entire site. Check out the new easy navigation menu from
    Thomas Brattli:

  • Just an update: This navigation menu has been changed. New menu was added on 05-12-2002

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